Professional Property Management

The Right Management Path

Beginning with our first meeting or phone conversation Woodminster will begin to guide you down the right path.

Whether it means helping to prepare your property for the rental market or coordinating some deferred maintenance we have the contacts and know how to get the job done. Whatever help is needed we are here to support you or to take full control of this process.

Should you already have a rental agreement and tenants in place we will review the rental agreement, obtain any additional required documentation, and perform an on-site inspection of the property where we document the condition in writing and by taking pictures or video footage.


When your property is vacant we advertise on sites like Craigslist, Calrentals, and the local multiple listing service. Our very best resource is your neighborhood so we place a real estate for rent sign in the front yard; you will not believe how many of our properties are rented in this manner.

Application and Screening

Once a potential tenant turns in an application the screening process begins. The screening process begins when tenant(s) submit a completed application. Upon receipt we run their credit and tenancy profile through the National Tenant Network. Their prior rental history, Unlawful Detainer search, tenant performance and lease violation search, and per the patriot act of 2001 all applicants are screened through the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC). We also verify their monthly income and employment. We conclude the screening process by contacting their prior or current landlord to verify their rental standing.


Woodminster ratifies all rental documentation including the lease, property condition, disclosures regarding rent control where applicable and any other necessary disclosures.

Payment of Rents and Deposits

All rents are due to Woodminster by the morning of the sixth, unless other local ordinance/law may apply. Rents are paid to the owner by Automated Clearing House, ACH, on or before the 15th the month (basically ACH is like direct deposit). All Security Deposits are held in a non interest-bearing trust account to pay for damages and/or to reimburse the tenant when they vacate.

Maintenance and Repairs of Your Property

Regular maintenance of your property is included in the management fee and will take place during normal business hours. When service calls are necessary for normal day -to-day issues such as appliance repairs, plumbing problems, pest infestations, we coordinate access and remediation of the issue. Once the service is complete we obtain an invoice for the vendor, make payment from the monthly rent, and account for payment on the next statement. We include vendor information and a work order or invoice number as well.

Emergency Service

For your convenience and security, we are available to accommodate after-hour, weekend services, emergency and insurance claims.

Our Normal hours of operation are 8AM-6PM PST Monday-Thursday and 8AM-4PM PST on Fridays